Lamprima Adolphinae || Original Oil Painted Box w/ Hidden Fairy Apothecary

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I am so proud to reveal my newest piece - this enchanting box which features an original oil painting of Lamprima Adolphinae, a gorgeous green stag beetle, and one of my signature hidden fairy apothecary lids. Dozens and dozens of hours went into painting this beetle and hand crafting each miniature inside.

A couple of my favorite new miniature creations in this piece include an hourglass (this was by far the most difficult one to make), a magic wand, a miniature fungi sculpture, and candlesticks with decorative stands. The posters and scrolls are made with hand torn paper, aged with watercolors, and delicately illustrated with a fine pencil. The shelves also feature books made from recycled cardboard and secondhand leather scraps, an acorn cap bowl, a magical crystal ball, and tiny amanita caps.

Beetles as a spirit animal carry messages of strength, resilience, and adaptability. Beetle energy and symbolism have been a hugely prominent theme in my life since losing my dad last year. I wanted to honor the beetle and its symbolism and importance in my life with this piece.


Original signature + year on bottom of piece.



External - 3.5 x 5.25 x 2.5 inches