The Atlas Moth - Original Oil Painted Box w/ Fungi & Fairy Apothecary (Repaired)

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*Note* This original piece sold and was shipped to the customer, but was unable to be delivered and sustained damages in shipping due to tampering and mishandling by the shipping service. It has been fully restored and repaired and is indistinguishable from its original condition! It is discounted simply because of the fact that it has had repairs. Thank you! 

Introducing my one of a kind, 50+ hour masterpiece jewelry box! This incredibly special piece features an original oil painting of an Attacus Atlas, one of the largest known insects on our planet.

Along the sides of the box are several handmade & painted polymer clay Turkey Tail fungi and lush patches of moss. The inside of the lid is mirrored and features handmade miniature wooden shelves stocked with fairy apothecary treasures - tiny glass bottles filled with dried flowers and lichens, an acorn cap bowl full of pink salt crystals, brass gears in various sizes, minuscule mushie caps and candles, a tiny crystal ball, and more. The miniature books are entirely bound and embellished by hand, and the posters and scroll are torn, aged with watercolors, and carefully illustrated.

I've covered the bottoms of the top two removable sections with a whimsical moss texture, and lined the bottom hidden compartment with a soft black felt.

I am just ecstatic about the quality of this box. I included so many elements in this box in honor of my dad. I used several trinkets and tools that had belonged to him, and a couple of the bottles on the shelves contain dried flowers from bouquets I was given when he passed away. The time, love, tears, passion, and energy I put into this piece make it my favorite box so far. Parting with this one is going to be so difficult, but I know she will find a loving home.


Original signature on bottom. Comes with certificate of authenticity. 



Box Exterior -

9.75 inches x 5.75 inches x 4 inches

Interior trays -

5 inches x 4.75 inches x .75 inch

2.25 inches x 3.25 inches x .75 inch

2.25 inches x 3.25 inches x .75 inch

Bottom compartment -

9 inches x 5 inches x 1 inch



Store only items that do not come above the height of the mossy trays to avoid damaging fairy miniatures when the box is closed. (Jewelry and other flat objects are best in the trays, and items up to 1 inch in height such as crystals or other trinkets can be stored more safely below in the hidden compartment.) 

Avoid getting wet or displaying in direct sunlight to preserve the quality and vibrance of the painting. 

Sculpted fungi are fragile, as are the miniatures inside. Always handle box with care!